Miura Takao (aka Noah)

Artist / Illustrator / doodler


Portfolio blog in English (Tumblr)
Noah’s ART Facebook

Who am I !?

I was born and raised in Sapporo, Japan. When I was 24, I start drawing & doodling during the travel in NewZealand. I’ve never learned how to draw but somehow I’ve been kept drawing so far, so I don’t care!!!

I’m a Japanese Doodler !!

My drawings & patterns are mainly consists of Maori’s tribal design and botanical pattern.
And also I sometimes use Japanese traditional pattern called “Wagara”. I doodle not only on the paper but also on the leather, glass, china, leaves, wooden board, clothes and so on!!
I really like to fill something up with my patterns!!! It’s may be looks like “erosion”!!!

My drawing style – TRIBANIMALS –

I choose animals as a motif often. I love to draw animals with tribal design.
So I named them (mixture of Animals & tribal design) “Tribanimals(Tribal x Animals)”.
I also use Zentangle for the design.

What am I doing as an ARTIST !?

I’m normally do drawing and uploading it on Tumblr(I’m using as a English blog) and Facebook.
I’m also doing live drawing and workshop in Tokyo.
I’m doing design work as well, so you may see the product which I designed in somewhere.

Wanna do collaboration!? Do you want to use my drawings ?!

◆【Contract】          :Contract each design / Royalty contract
◆【Usage】            :Web / Poster / Logo / Apparel
◆【Range of use】                :Personal / Company

If you are keen on using my drawings for something, or ask me to design, just let me know!!!
I’d love to collaborate with someone who has interesting ideas!! Therefore, if you have any interesting ideas and if I could do something for your project, feel free to contact me!!!

Contact → here

EVENT / Exhibition

MERCADO : Dance × Art event @ANCE, Yoyogi, Tokyo. I’ve done live drawing & VJ.
Monochrome group exhibition : @Kichijoji gallery
Tokyo Midtown design touch : @Roppongi-Midtown, Workshop teacher


BETONES : Apparel brand / Under wear
SWAG.       : Hair salon, Tokyo
L-Breath(Annex) : Outdoor / Sports / Apparel


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