Massive cats under wear ☆ BETONES

About a year ago, I made the design called “Nekodarake (massive cats)”.
I put that design on society6 then the sales was quite good.

So I asked a guy who is my friend and also working for the company “BETONES” which is selling really cute and nice quality under wear brand to make this “Nekodarake” design under wear.

■Old article (In Japanese) :「You must be like it if you like cats!

Then he said his company gonna make under wear this my cats design but I haven’t seen the product for a long time.

It’s too cute for underwear!? cat cat cat!

He said that “I made a sample with your cat design, but my boss said it might be too cute for our product”, then I was thinking about it for a while.

However, there was a exhibition for apparel brand, and I hanged cat underwear in the corner. Then, somehow, quite a few customers were stopping by and just said “it’s really cute”. Then we changed our mind.

I was really happy when I heard that BETONES will sell my design even if I just asked and showed this without thinking much.

Cats design underwear Noah’s ART × BETONES

ねこだらけ Noah's ART ネコ パンツ デザイン betones velvet box black betones velvet box

As he said, the underwear was quite cuter than I thought

Mainly black and white but some of them were colored.

I think there is not so many underwear design like this detailed and massive cats in it.

As I wrote the article, This under were is special for the “BETONES original design box”, and also you can get original trump cards if you buy one.

I also designed this cards design.

■Old article (in Japanese) :
Original card design × BETONES

Why don’t you buy this for the gift to your friend !?


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