[:en]Nice Bike Shop in Tokyo☆ L-Breath Bike in Ochanomizu/KandaL-Breath BIKE★LONG LIFE BIKEがテーマのデザイン

[:en]I made a big illustration for  “L-Breath BIKE” in Ochanomizu / Kanda, Tokyo.

I went to this store when it was just a empty building.
I heard that this place is going to be a new style bike shop a month before its grand open.
And also I was offered to do some murals or draw somewhere in this shop.

Finally, I made this tapestry!

L-Breath BIKE Ochanomizu original tapestry

These is a theme in this shop, it’s “LONG LIFE BIKE”

This message is suggesting you to include bike in your life.
The Bike will make your life healthy and sporty, furthermore, fashionable.

This place is not only selling professional bikes but also casual family bike.

There are many bike shop in Tokyo which is selling many kinds of gear or expensive bicycles for professional.
These kind of shop is quite unapproachable for the beginner or girls.

On the other hand, L-Breath bike is also not like the store which is selling cheep shopping bike.
They are selling apparel stuffs, and also gears for racing bike.

You’d better visit this shop if you like riding bike. 😉

I drew the letter “LONG LIFE BIKE” with tribal pattern and gears of bicycle.
The company L-Breath is also introducing my artworks in their blog here

→ L-Breath bike blog

Please check this place if you are looking for nice bike in Tokyo.東京神田・御茶ノ水にある「L-Breath BIKE」様の店内レジ裏の壁に飾るメインの絵を描きました。


L-Breath BIKE 御茶ノ水店の店内ウォールデザイン

こちらの店舗のテーマは“LONG LIFE BIKE”



テーマであるLONG LIFE BIKEの文字を自転車のギアとトライバルパターンで埋めました。

L-Breath BIKE様のブログでもご紹介いただいています。




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